Grey Matter Art and illustrator Dan Mumford bring us a brand-new poster based on Full Moon Entertainment’s prize property, Puppet Master!

Puppet Master by Dan Mumford

Puppet Master by Dan Mumford

  • Artist: Dan Mumford
  • Size: 18×24
  • Regular Edition: 160/$45.00
  • Printed By: Seizure Palace

Here’s a little of what Dan Mumford had to say about his involvement with the creation of this poster…

“Puppet Master is a film that always intrigued me in my youth. It was one of the many films that I would always ask my dad to rent from the video store, but would of course not be allowed to. So much like many of the other fantastic horror movies of the 80’s, its myth and mystique grew even more fascinating to me, and I would pore over the covers and try and imagine what I could from the details on the back of the box. Coupled with the fact that any puppet or toy becoming murderous is absolutely terrifying to a child, it became a film of much reverence to me. Which is strange considering I never actually watched it until I was well into my twenties. It was simply one of those films that defined 80’s horror for me, due to the premise and what I had heard of the film. When I finally did watch it, it didn’t disappoint, the film is a fantastically creepy and still horrifying vision that scares to the core, and taps into those childlike fears. As a film that has spawned 10 sequels, I think it’s clearly a very special film series that people still hold dear to their heart, myself included.”

Mike Gregory of Grey Matter Art also chimed in regarding Puppet Master…

“This project was very special to me in that it was one of my brother and mine’s favorite films growing up. We use to watch all of the Full Moon movies, but this one always stood out to us as the best. The puppets were so well crafted, and seemed so lifelike and real. The puppets all had their certain personalities to them, but I always liked Blade and Jester the most. Blade was just such a badass,and Jester had the multiple facial expressions, depending on his mood, which always cracked me up. This was one of our first projects we spoke about doing, and we really wanted to wait for the right artist to fit this title, and with Dan Mumford, I believe we did. I think he perfectly represented each character, and his deep blues and choice of metallics just fit this piece so right. The poster is just so beautiful in person, and I think poster collectors will be really happy that there is finally one for it.”

Puppet Master will go on sale on Tuesday, February 24 at 1:00 PM EST via Grey Matter’s Webstore. Hit up the guys at Grey Matter on Twitter and while there give a follow to Dan Mumford!