and shovin’ into overdrive with his latest print for Odd City Entertainment. Yes, Goose, Top Gun is well-represented in this print. All fighter jets and hashtag Tom Cruise before Oprah-couch-jumping. This print takes you right into the Danger Zone with Maverick, Goose, Iceman and that bald commander whose name I can’t remember but who was a total jerk because he wouldn’t let Maverick be Maverick! Now, where the Hell are my mirrored sunglasses and leather jacket…

Top Gun - Magic Hour Press

Top Gun – Magic Hour Press

“When you’re an 80’s kid like myself you just had to see and fall in love with Top Gun. Sure it has that testosterone/macho vibe that used to be so popular back in those days. Call me nostalgic, but I consider it a classic action flick, with brilliant aerial sequences, cool characters and an awesome soundtrack. When approached by Odd City for this print I knew I wanted something horizontal this time around. I decided a jet fighter battle recollecting the Cold War era should really work well with this title. I also wanted to step back from the complex multi-character based compositions with this one, and to design the print in a way so it could be viewed upside down as well.”GABZ

Top Gun - Sunset Press

Top Gun – Sunset Press

  • Title: Top Gun
  • Artist: Gabz
  • Dimensions: 36″x24″
  • Paper: Holographic “foil” Paper
  • Printer: D&L Screenprinting
  • Two Color ways: Sunset (orange and red) and Magic Hour (blue and red)
  • Run size: 100 for each color way
  • Price: $100 for each color way
  • Fully licensed and Numbered edition

The Odd City limited edition Top Gun prints will be 36”x24” on Holographic paper, and will be produced in two color ways called Sunset and Magic Hour, both considered variant editions. They will be sold online at the Odd City Entertainment store. They will go on sale at around 11am CST on Monday December 15th, 2014.