Tonight I informed Nicole that I am seriously considering getting the iPhone 5c as my next smartphone. Some of you may wonder why in the world I would consider such a thing, being that I love tech, and always am looking to own the latest gadgets.

With that in mind, I offer my reasons for considering the iPhone 5c:

  • The iPhone 5c body is made from a Polycarbonite Plastic. This fact is advantageous when looking at reports that the iPhone 5s, with it’s aluminum outer-casing, has a tendency to flex.
  • The 5c is a tad bit slower than the 5s, as the 5c retains the A6 processor from the iPhone 5, while the 5s rocks Apple’s new A7 chip. This really is of little consequence, as I have seen speed tests with very little lag between the 5c and 5s.
  • The 5s has a “better” camera. By “better“, Apple has engineered a dual-flash system on the 5s and you can shoot in slow-motion and “burst” mode. Who cares? Apple didn’t bump the Megapixels, so it makes little sense to me that anyone would buy the 5s just for the “improved” camera.


That being said, since I tend to believe that Apple will unveil a larger smartphone next Fall, I’m looking for something low-cost until such time as they release a new iPhone. Yes, yes, I KNOW that I will still be under contract when the new iPhone is introduced next year but two years go by fairly quickly.

Of course, Nicole thinks it’s lame that I am considering the iPhone 5c. When I told her the news of the 5c being up for consideration as my next smartphone, the initial response was “That’s lame“, followed by “GET THE GOLD ONE, YOU EXPLETIVE!!!!“. Nicole isn’t one to mince words when it comes to smartphones. May be something to consider…