Blade Runner by Godmachine

Mystery. Amazing Illustrations. A stunning portfolio which would send even the most jaded Art School teacher run from the upper floor of a building, screaming “I’M NOT WORTHY”, and carelessly launch himself from the roof to the waiting concrete below. This sums up the awesome power that is Godmachine.

The enigma that is Godmachine is based in the UK, and has produced illustrated works for album covers and magazines, amongst other outlets. “Detailed” doesn’t even begin to describe Godmachine’s work. “Hyper-detailed” is more like it. Skulls, demons, succubi, all vying for the attention of the viewer. All wanting to take the viewer on a tour of their own personal Hell. This is Godmachine.

Predator by Godmachine

Cthulhu by Godmachine

Samurai by Godmachine

Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Godmachine

Sonisphere by Godmachine

Click the play button to see an exclusive I Got Birds video featuring the art of Godmachine. Produced with Adobe Voice.

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