Day 2 of MONDOCON immediately began with a much better start than the first day…assuming you were not trying to get Laurent Durieux’s Back to the Future Part 3 Variant. The people who were actually able to snag a copy of that gorgeous gem arrived at the venue before 6:00 AM. I heard way too many stories about being fourth or fifth next in line after Mondo announced that it sold out which blows. But anyway, back to MONDOCON. Sunday was way more enjoyable than Saturday in almost every way. This may be due to fewer attendees, hopefully better organization, or tons of little fixed variables, but either way I am sure this is what Mondo envisioned when they came up with this idea of MONDOCON.

Top Left: Durieux Oldboy Hammer and Tooth. Top Right: Belanger The Thing commission. Bottom Left: Ortiz awesome scary sketch. Bottom Right: Edmiston Alien.

I still bought stuff on this second day, but there was hardly any new art out there. Many artists saved half of their runs to be sold today, but it was rare to see something new. Mike Mitchell (who still had an incredibly long and slow line) brought some older AP copies of his art, but I don’t really believe any other artist had different things available this time around. This was good news for my wallet, but also my sketch book. I got a lot of really great 30 secondish sketches from a handful of artists and even a super sick commission from Andy Belanger. This, for sure, was my favorite part. Especially when I found Randy Ortiz. He easily spent 20 minutes on a sketch for anyone who asked, and while I was near him and conversing with him and other attendees he completed 4 sketches. Doing the math, that is an over an hour. Plus, he had something to say to anyone about anything. He was such a cool guy, and I could not have been more excited to find and meet him (“find” because he didn’t have a booth this year, but SPOILER: next year he will). Speaking of sketches, Laurent Durieux is a champ. Ever since he got there, all he did was sign prints or do sketches for people. I don’t think I ever saw him relax, but I also don’t think I ever saw him stress either. This guy is a master of art and conventions, especially since he JUST flew in from France where he hosted his own gallery show.

They continued with more screenings and panels today, which I definitely enjoyed. There is currently a Texas Chainsaw Massacre with live music screening going on, but I didn’t get tickets for that. I did, however, attend the Mondo Talk: Art Direct Live panel. Here, they talked about the process of actually turning an idea into a poster to go on your wall. Everything from adding title blocks, to likenesses, to designs that’ll never see the light of day were discussed.

It was very interesting, and reassuring as a fan, to know how much trouble they go through to get it exactly how we all love these prints. It also helped me appreciate these artists even more because sometimes they are forced to produce a design in a matter of days and it still looks amazing. At the end of the panel, the audience helped choose a design for an upcoming Phantom City Creative print featuring a Joker episode in Batman: The Animated Series. Look forward to that coming out soon.

Today, I was able to enjoy the food a lot more too. The food trucks they brought in had incredibly long lines (like everything else) on the first day, but even that seemed to thin out for this second day. They included artist/ movie inspired food items, such as Sex Bob-Ombs (a la Scott Pilgrim) or an Alex Pardee dressed hot dog. More food trucks would be optimal next year, ESPECIALLY TORCHY’S IF POSSIBLE, but today I personally didn’t find a problem with food at all.

All and all, MONDOCON Day 2 was MONDOCON. By that I mean an enjoyable time where I could meet new people, discuss random stuff with artists, drink beer, relax, and enjoy the beauty all around me. Most of the problems I faced on the first day were really only seen on the first day. I don’t know if that means for MONDOCON 2 to maybe JUST get a Sunday pass, but either way just expect using that whole day to enjoy your time, ¬†and be cool with not getting all the art you initially want (like any Mondo setting, I guess). If you’re in the area, I recommend it for sure. I met people from different states nearly every hour, so if that is your situation then I’d consider it too.

Thank you to Mondo, the artists, and the other fans especially for making this event something special.

For Mondo, look forward to their Batman gallery in Austin, Texas on October 24th. Otherwise, expect MONDOCON 2 in 364 days from now.


Jacob Triska