Orlando Arocena WOWS with LEGION!

Legion by Orlando Arocena

Legion by Orlando Arocena

Just in time for San Diego Comic Con 2014, master of all vectors, Orlando Arocena, unveils his newest print…THE LEGION OF DOOM!

Come on, how many times did you see the headquarters of the villainous Legion of Doom rise from the murky swamp in the old Justice League cartoon?! This print brings back old memories of Lex Luthor in battle armor and Solomon Grundy smashing stuff!

LEGION is an 18″ x 24″ Giclee print signed and numbered on Matte Enhanced Paper with an edition size of 25. The price is $30.00 per print. Orlando, you’ve done it again! Bravo! Check out this print at Orlando’s website HERE and pick up a copy!

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