Back-Back-Back-Back-Back To The Future!

Illustrator Matthew Griffin has a new piece for the 30th Anniversary of “Back To The Future”! This is an EXCLUSIVE print, only available at London Film and Comic-Con!

Back to The Future by Matthew Griffin

Back to The Future by Matthew Griffin

  • Size 24 x 18 inches approx
  • LITHO PRINTED on 200gsm silk
  • Printed by Colour Point
  • 3000 copies approx
  • Only available at this years
    London Film and Comic-Con

Here are some details straight from Matthew himself…”Showmasters in partnership with Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment and ‘Under The Floorboards‘ have created an incredible 30th Anniversary Back to the Future celebration poster! This beautiful poster will have a run of 3,000 and is being given away to fans in two ways… 1,000 will be made available to London Film and Comic-Con attendees who visit the ‘Up To 88!’ Activation Stall across all three days (333 per day – strict limit of one per person). The other 2,000 will be given to ticket holders of the official 30th Anniversary Back to the Future Cast Reunion talk on Sunday 19th July.

Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome time at London Film and Comic-Con, and Matthew’s “Back To The Future” print is gorgeous! London Film and Comic-Con is happening July 17th-19th at The Olympia in London. Be sure to follow Matthew on Twitter for more work!

Come From The Land of The Ice and Snow!

We have an EXCLUSIVE reveal for you this evening! Illustrator and friend of I Got Birds, Matthew Griffin, is dropping a new print, The Winter Giant! This time featuring a Giant who comes from the land of the ice and snow bent on terrorizing humanity! Or, is this Frost Giant here to save humanity?! Only Matthew Griffin knows for sure. What we do know is that this is yet another amazeballs print from Matthew, and man do we love his artwork!

The Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin

The Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin

Matthew is setting this up for a feature limited release, and we’ll provide that info as soon as we get it. For now, we know that this print will be a gicleé, printed on Hahnemuehle Baryta 310 gsm paper! Take a look at some of the detail shots and try not to wet your pants with excitement! This print is going to RULE!

The Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin detail 001

The Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin detail 002

The Winter Giant by Matthew Griffin detail 003

While you’re at it, check out Matthew on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM!


So, Matthew Griffin made me run around the house screaming “TETSUOOOOOOOOOO” and “AKIIIIIIRRRRRRRRA” with his amazeballs illustrations of legendary animated film “Akira”. I’m totally convinced that Matthew has psychic powers and is plotting to destroy Neo-Tokyo! Catch these pieces soon at Hero Complex Gallery!

Akira (Red) by Matthew Griffin

Akira (Red) by Matthew Griffin

Akira (Orange) by Matthew Griffin

Akira (Orange) by Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin Enters Pan’s Labyrinth!

Pans Labyrinth by Matthew Griffin - Red Colorway

Frequent guest of the Blog, Matthew Griffin, has illustrated some jaw-dropping posters for one of his favorite films, “Pan’s Labyrinth“. We’re happy to showcase Matthew’s awesome work and incredible illustrations for this project! Please be sure to follow Matthew on Twitter and check out his Website for some more great stuff!

Pans Labyrinth by Matthew Griffin - Red Colorway 002

Pans Labyrinth by Matthew Griffin - Green Colorway

Pans Labyrinth by Matthew Griffin - Green Colorway 002

Matthew Griffin’s Gone Darko!

Donnie Darko by Matthew Griffin

Donnie Darko by Matthew Griffin

Our buddy and very talented illustrator from the green fields of Ireland, Matthew Griffin, decided to tackle Donnie Darko. Matt displays amazing illustrative ability once again with this awesome piece, and we have the scoop on it’s creation straight from the mouth of Matt himself!

“Well, I decided to do this as my next poster as an artist friend of mine (Mick Minogue – suggested my style for The Shining posters would lend itself well to Donnie Darko. It’s one of my favorite films so was happy to make it my next little project.

Before making it I watched the directors cut and was reminded about the repeating symbols of the eye, the chest and Donnie’s link to Frank, so the composition came to me while watching. My initial hope was that it would work upside-down too, but actually the main title doesn’t work that way. I tried a few different arrangements but this was the one I was happiest with! So you can hang it upside-down but it will read ‘Darko Donnie’ (maybe that’s ok)

It’s such a great movie, I hope the poster does it justice.”

Check out more of Matt’s work HERE and be sure to follow him on Twitter!

Donnie Darko variant by Matthew Griffin

Donnie Darko variant by Matthew Griffin

Some Shine And Some Don’t.

The Shining by Matthew Griffin

The Shining by Matthew Griffin

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Matthew Griffin shines with a truly terrifying piece based on Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of the classic Stephen King novel “The Shining“.

The synopsis of “The Shining” is as follows: “A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.

Griffin presents to us a a figure in silhouette with maniacal eyes gleaming from the darkness, axe in hand! Jack Torrance has come to life in one of the most powerful pieces of work that Matthew Griffin has produced!

“The Shining” is available via Matthew’s webstore in a Regular edition and Purple and Red variant editions! Don’t wait! Pick this up now! The Overlook Hotel demands it!

The Shining red variant by Matthew Griffin

The Shining red variant by Matthew Griffin

The Shining purple variant by Matthew Griffin

The Shining purple variant by Matthew Griffin

You can find more of Matthew’s work, and a short chat with him, right HERE.

Giant Monsters and Matthew Griffin.

Giants 004 by Matthew Griffin

Ireland-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer Matthew Griffin thrills us with his shadow monsters and comet riders straight out of a Comic Book!

Matthew’s shadow-covered Giants stalk the landscape, spelling impending doom for the idyllic suburban and rural settings that the Giants occupy. They’re well-prepared to conquer the plant and assume their reign as rulers of the Earth. With skillful execution, Griffin illustrates creatures straight out of a fever-dream and incorporates Pop Culture iconography reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s work on The New Gods.

Girffin’s Comet Riders series really brings out the Kirby-esque elements in both the characters and the setting. Cosmic entities ride great comets, seeking new worlds to inhabit, while hurtling through space!

We have an exclusive interview with Matthew, so read on for his thoughts on everything from the Poster Art scene to Jack Kirby!

I Got Birds: Hi Matthew! What led you on the path to become an illustrator? A specific teacher, influence, etc…?

Matthew Griffin: I had been an obsessive drawer from early childhood, and always harbored the dream of doing either art or music (I used to play the guitar a lot) for a living. When I left school I was a little more unsure, thought I could just make it by some miracle and frittered away a few years before having a career in the media in London, and ended up as a music journalist (and web mule!) for a big broadcaster there. I was doing a lot of design and some illustration as part of my job and it was then I realized I really wanted to be an illustrator. So I took a gamble in 2008 and moved home to Ireland to pursue a freelance career. I was not good at first! I had no real idea of what I was meant to do (I thought you had to do a little of everything) but with a lot of guidance from fellow pros here (I’m part of Illustrators Ireland & The AOI in the UK) I managed to improve and slowly build up a career. Still a lot of learning to do of course!

I Got Birds: What gave you the idea for the “Giants” series of illustrations? I think they’re pretty amazing and am very curious about what led to their creation.

Matthew Griffin: Thank you! To begin with it was an exploration of style using brushes and textures and me trying to create atmosphere more than anything else. I wanted the viewer to be haunted by the images a little. The giants themselves kind of started with two other pieces I did – ‘The Comet Riders’ & a gig poster called ’The Bogs’. The Comet Rider’s input was that, in my head at least, this is what those characters would look like if they came to earth. And The Bogs character lead to the comet riders!

At the Offset creative conference in Dublin this year the amazing Jon Burgerman said: ‘Build a world, and invite people in.’ So I’m kind of attempting that, while exploring new styles for myself. So to me all my personal work is kind of connected – e.g. the discs featured in pieces like ‘Engine Running’ & ‘Track Abandoned’ are the warning.. The giants are the arrival…

I Got Birds: Your Comet Rider series is very Jack Kirby-esque. Reminds me a lot of early Silver Surfer artwork. Was Kirby an influence on this series?

Matthew Griffin: He would most definitely be an indirect influence. I wasn’t an avid reader of Silver Surfer for some inexplicable reason (I was more 2000AD and Toxic Comics), but any images I did see of him gliding through the cosmos stuck with me and have definitely come through in my work. I need to go out and get all of Kirby’s Surfer comics now. I don’t know why I haven’t yet…

I Got Birds: You’ve designed Gig Posters for various musicians. How different is your working process when compared to your more fine art work?

Matthew Griffin: It’s funny, that’s the second time in the last week that some one has described some of my work as ‘Fine Art’ and I never saw it as such (but I appreciate the categorization!) – to me it’s all illustration. And in both my poster work and my personal pieces it is really just me exploring visual styles and trying to make a good-looking image! I love gig posters for that reason – there is no limit to what I can put down on the page (or screen). I can let my imagination go. And also, I love typography, so posters allow me to introduce that. So I guess the process is no different!

I Got Birds: The Poster Art scene here in the States is growing at a large rate but is still pretty small, although there is a rabid fan base who will stand in lines for days to get a poster sold by Mondo Gallery. In your opinion, how different is the scene in Ireland as opposed to the States?

Matthew Griffin: Well, a small scene in the States probably consists of twice the population of Ireland! So it’s one I would love to be a part of. Also the standard over there is so incredibly high – the likes of Delicious Design League, Hero Posters, James Flames (can you tell I listen to Adventures in Design?) and all the guys who do stuff for Mondo are just amazing. So if I was ever to be a part of that I would feel very proud.

As for Ireland, it is much smaller, but the demand is growing for beautiful, screen-printed posters. And we have some brilliant poster makers – Gav Beattie for one (of Tiny Little Horse) is second to none. I can only hope more acts, labels & venues cry out for illustrated posters here as I really want to do more of them!

I Got Birds: Finally, where can people find you online? Facebook, Twitter, etc…?

Matthew Griffin: All of them!

Keep an eye on Matthew Griffin and follow him at the links above!

Giants 001 by Matthew Griffin

Giants 005 by Matthew Griffin

Giants 002 by Matthew Griffin

Giants 003 by Matthew Griffin

Placebo by Matthew Griffin

Garden of Death by Matthew Griffin

Comet Riders 002 by Matthew Griffin

Comet Riders 001 by Matthew Griffin

The Comet Lords by Matthew Griffin

The Bogs by Matthew Griffin